Erotic Love Poems...

african-american couple's kiss

...portray the sensual side of the marriage relationship. They awaken your passion for your spouse...your longing and desire to reconnect physically and spiritually.

Sometimes you may want to tell your spouse how they turn you on, how attracted you are to them. But you want to express your feelings more want to go beyond just simply telling them.

Use one of these poems. Your spouse will have no uncertainties regarding your desire for them after reading one. Just be sure to thank the poets for giving you such material.

Love is exciting! You can't help but reminisce on encounters you've shared with your spouse while enjoying these poems. And trust me...after these poems, you're sure to share more.

Feel free to read them to your spouse, or include them in a love note you've tucked away for your spouse to find later. They were meant to be enjoyed together...well, they were meant to induce passion to be enjoyed together. At any rate, have fun!

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